CAS-E Lecture Series Summer Semester

Datum: 18. Juni 2024Zeit: 18:15 – 19:45Ort: Room 000.235, Seminar room, Hartmannstr. 14, Building D1, Erlangen

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CAS-E Lecture Series Summer Semester

Dienstags 18.15 - 19.45 Uhr

Room 000.235, Seminar room, Hartmannstr. 14, Building D1, Erlangen

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A screening and discussion will follow on April 17 11.15 -12.45

Prof. Robert Desjarlais (Sarah Lawrence College, New York)

Walter Benjamin’s Berlin Childhood around 2024: Digital Filmmaking and Multimodal Phenomenality

JUNE 4, 2024

Dr. Kalindi Kokal (CAS-E Fellow)

Mystical Regimes of Order: Ritualistic Practices and Conflict Resolution in Everyday Uttarakhand

APRIL 23, 2024

Prof. Bron Taylor (University of Florida)

Exhibiting Gaian Animism: How Curators Are Fusing Esotericism, Science, Spirituality, and Promoting Environmental Conservation, at Art & Science Museums Around the World

JUNE 11, 2024

Prof. Dr. Helmut Zander (Université de Fribourg)

How to Globalize a Quintessentially German Practice? Anthroposophy in the Vortex of Globalization

APRIL 30, 2024

Prof. Pablo Wright (CAS-E Fellow)

Ethnographic Travelogues Through the Argentine Chaco Current Shamanism: Between Healing, Power, and Tradition

JUNE 18, 2024

Dr. Judith Bachmann (Universität Heidelberg)

Ifá in Comparison: African Tradition, Esotericism and Christianity in the 19th Century

MAY 7, 2024

Dr. Nurul Huda Mohd. Raz Nurul (Kyoto University)

Enemies from Within: Love Magic, Sorcery & Intra-female Violence Among Co-Wives in Malay Polygyny

JUNE 25, 2024

Prof. Henrik Bogdan (Universität Göteborg)

What is Contemporary Esotericism? Reflections on Teaching and Supervising Post-Graduate Students in a Course on Contemporary Esotericism

MAY 14,



Dr. Stephen Jones: Li Manshan

Portrait of a Folk Daoist (film screening and discussion)

JULY 2, 2024

Prof. Dr. Jens Schlieter (Universität Bern)

Esoteric Dimensions of Buddhist Meditation: Reaching Out to Transform Other Peoples' Mind

MAY 21, 2024

Prof. Dr. Erhard Schüttpelz (CAS-E Fellow)

The Trajectories of Early Writing Systems and Divination Methods: Some Intercontinental Comparisons

Dr. Stefanie Burkhardt (CAS-E)

Literal Ghosts: African Narratives and 2024 Religious Experience as Tools for a

Critical Expansion of the 'Spectral Turn'


MAY 28, 2024

Prof. Abimbola Adelakun (CAS-E Fellow)

Die in the Name of Jesus!: The Animating Performances of “Violent” Prayers

JULY 16, 2024

Dr. Darrel Rutkin (CAS-E Fellow)

Marsilio Ficino’s Theurgical Astrology: Astrological Theory and Practice at the Root of Modern Esoteric Practices

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18. Juni 2024
18:15 – 19:45

Room 000.235, Seminar room, Hartmannstr. 14, Building D1, Erlangen

Philosophische Fakultät und Fachbereich Theologie